ATD Guitar Repair will service and repair all makes and models of acoustic, electric and bass guitars. We are a warranty center for BC Rich and Michael Kelly guitars along with Traben Bass Guitars.

Common Repair Fees:

Restring 6 string acoustic   $20.00 including SIT Strings

Restring 12 string acoustic  $30.00 including SIT Strings

Restring 6 string electric    $20.00 including SIT Strings

Restring Floyd Rose           $30.00 including SIT Strings

Restring bass                    $15.00 + cost of strings.



Floyd Rose                 $85.00

Fender V StyleTrem     $65.00

Stop Tail Tune O Matic $55.00

Acoustic 6 string          $55.00

Acoustic 12 String        $65.00

Hard Tail                     $55.00

Bass Guitars                $55.00 * ( does not include strings).

All setups include SIT Strings, intonation, string height, tremelo, truss rod adjustments and proper nut and saddle slotting.


Electronics and pickup installs and repairs.

One hum install replacement     $45.00

2 Humbucker install                  $65.00

3 single coil install                    $65.00

Active pickup installs                $65.00

Pot replacement                      $20.00 first pot and $15.00 each additional

Switch replacements:

3 way toggle                           $35.00 including switch

3 way blade                            $35.00 including switch

5 way blade                            $35.00 including switch

This a base cost. Any additional parts and or labor at additional charge.